Rules for Posters


Always post context and full surrounding text. Never make your s/l the first word or the last, give us a running start and what comes after. You may not think we need it, but we do. It helps. So often it also helps to if we know if you're talking about an infant, an elderly man, etc. Or what part of body, what kind of test, etc... If asking about an obscure drug name, give us a summary of the patient's medical history. You don't have to retype all this - just copy and paste it from your report.

If you've researched already, say so. Say that you're unsure of the hits you got on google, or you can't find a drug on rxlist. If you don't say that, you're likely to get sent to another site by the helpers, and maybe accused of not doing any research.

Come back and let us know if we helped and/or got the answer or not. An acknowlegement that the answer was right (we'll stop looking) or not (we'll keep trying) is most appreciated.

If you post a question and then find the answer, it would be appreciated if you would post the answer, so it will show up in the archives. I would appreciate it if you would sign your posts.