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Patient with Raynaud's phenomenon. She is not showing signs of s/l calden- disease
Med list: Calcitriol 25 mcg Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm finding
Is it O2 sats or O2 SATs?
WAV file, thanks.
HAPPY EASTER ALL! CABG x 2, 1 arterial and 2 venous, S/L bezels? bypassed the LIMA
WAV file thanks.
... MP3 file ... totally silly question about punctuation.
Never heard this in all my years of doing cardio - -
speaking of chocolate bunnies and ears...
On urinalysis. Few budding yeast with s/l hyphies seen?
"Nose" (I think!) examination: No "oxidate", no congestion. Symmetrical muscle tone
Does this make sense? Rather long/involved, so please see inside.
Really struggling with accent, plus I rarely do cardio. Please sm.
Brain hiccup. Is it principle diagnosis or principal. All I found on google and
biopsy showed "matofibrosis" sm please
patient given "40s of IV amenoglobulins"
s/l cornice.....sm for details
CNG programming?
help please
through the *inter now ta* muscle
osteomeatal complex or ostiomeatal finding it both ways.. Is there a correct way? nm
Dx: Hyperglycemia *watch* which may be secondary to steroids.
Inpatient meds: albuterol, Lasix, *i at trim*, lisinopril, omeprazole, potassium,
skin exam: Obvious facial erythema. There is __ticularis noted. Spot angiomas of the
serum pregnancy test less than 5.0 s/l milieu per mL?
necrotic and s/l *leuko phonic* fat about the margin.
Sounds like pac 6, or ac 6 or axis?
Please s/m. Am I missing something or is this a contradiction re: IgM?
wav on medication
Re: OBGYN wet to dry dressings...s/l VID
cervical cerclage, s/l devo retractor
help with word
sounds like eupiracin? Could start with a letter before the u sound.
Dx: 1. Preterm labor at 36 weeks. 2. Previous inverted s/l "T" with cerclage.
WAV file.
OBGYN...s/l cancer, does she mean cavity.
this sounds like propoxazine or cine? 10 mg q.4 hours.
"s/l buff"
... MP3 file ... some kind of dialysis system
lower lobe opacity that likely represents a "rib on end."
s/l Zolata eyedrops for glaucoma
pls help
OBGYN...s/l T1B2N1MX
Midthoracic region? mid thoracic region?
There were no sequelae from that. Correct verb here? TIA.
pls help
s/l sintage of the chest is essentially unremarkable, doesn't really sound like CT
s/l intertusseption (abdominal area) spelling?
Does this make sense - she had the flu and under that, s/l "auspices"
s/l fan-steal
wav. pls help.. context below..thanks
s/l *gloop in the globe*
wav posted, help pls