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help with wav pls
pls help
spittiness-what to use instead?
non-small cell lung cancer. Hyphens?
Novolog dose
wav help pls.
s/l *blood paste*
s/l... UN copper was 4 mcg/mL. INL was 1.4. AFP was 6... sm
s/l en-se-nex
help with name of clinic, posted wav pls
bicondylar fracture - s/l 'shatsger's 6' TIA
s/l.. mal-an-totty.... Sm
pls sm
hate the verb lay
Mental status - mild "bridafrea"
supplement that s/l gly-so-mex
help please
Penile injury with suprapubic tube. Used a s/l cook mallincot percutaneous kit to
I have another
brile pneumonia
s/l Sustain. Pt w/hx of asthma, esophagitis, hypertension and allergies who is on...
The abdominal wall is tender over about the eighth/8th rib in the midaxillary line.
calices, caliceals?
medicine that s/l ?Sinacobalamine? one tab tks
She had a normal period from February 3rd to February 7th, SM
left eye SL conjunctivoblepharitis. Or is it conjunctival blepharitis
s/l ? semicombant? s/m tks
word help
A 69yo male who has progressive *all bites* stenosis and sciatica. Just a progress
word help
help with a word please
Patient with COPD. On s/l plus 10 over plus 5 BiPAP?
Pt with acute drug withdrawal. Has shaking, diffuse pain, s/l pyloric reaction
word help again
Help, I'm not going to make it through the day!
is there a medication which s/l modular calosodium? 10 mg poqhs
baby diagnosis, not much more info given s/l Milia Rupa
Developing viral s/l "pro-geer-um". sm
Prostate cancer postoperative protocol question (sm)
Ortho note: s/l pink-ee-i was applied
Tp had an s/l asasuccimide level drawn. Tp will continue asacuccimide.
Incidentally noted is a small left *scrotalith* measuring 1 mm.
wav posted. ...in evaluatoin for left ankle ??????? Weber B ankle fracture in Dec.
physical exam help. See wav. s/l ...pupillary constricted and "?fundonopathy?" sm
word help
shows **ik tated** TIPS......portal vein was open, **not toast pay dent**.
Right shoulder arthroscopy procedure: The patient's preop diagnosis is: "s/l botany
physical exam help. See wav. s/l ...pupillary constricted and "?fundonopathy?" sm
Wav posted. "there is some new s/l "sign of ectrophic" breast tissue." sm.
Patient with scolisois - "levo" compensating curve of the lumbar spine at 24 degrees.
Pt has prostate CA and DJD. List of meds. s/l Alligard/alligot 45 mg injection
s/l *anterior light*... Any guesses? Thanks
4-yo girl w/ urinary probs related to myelomeningocele.
help please
mother suffers from chornic renal failure secondary to gout s/l renal-thropathy.
s/l ** row - gam ** medication - not Rogaine
mild s/l "su there ing" of the cervical esophagus.
For a Jones fracture a 3-D high-top boot? psm
Word help - sm
peripatellar or parapatellar
Elderly pt. Medication s/l Visalar 10 mg. hypertension, hyperlipidemia, plantar fasc
wav posted. Skin examination revealed ???????.
complete brain freeze here. The pt has "em-fa-citis" and stable on diclofenac.
I feel dumb but when putting in a doctor's name it says 1 is on the list but does not
Deep tendon reflexes are *plus and equal*. Typed out or +/=?
s/l.. tho-rive-a 7.... Sm
What would you do with "revascularizable?"
s/l *colocentesis*.. This doesn't seem right, but i can't find right term.. ??
we have to enter each as a seperate number
s/l intra cranular notch???? SM ortho
Does this lipase level look right? 28,919.
wav posted. She has allergies to ciprofloxacin, perfume, ?????, smoke, nuts...
drug list
Hi ladies (and gents) ... please help
Pt with enterococcal endocarditis. History of extraperitoneal hemorrhage of right
Does this make sense?
ever hear of a s/l through and through scaphoid fracture?
s/l "mild prostate key A".
approved with an impact?
In list of meds...."far moe doe roe" inhaler. No dosages.
s/l ** PCCS ** score
large **keep cells** bowel loop
now s/l castled bowel loop
neuro word help - sm
med help
I have another one please
Patient is mild risk for s/l VAP with prolonged ventilator course?
what does he really mean....he says 'eversion'
His mother reports 5 or 6 otitis * medias. * (medias - plural ?)
2 meds for cancer treatment??? s/l leo-trone-in-a-mag-do-lean
s/l EPL, EFL, and intrinsics are intact in patient with trigger thumb. cntxt sm
med s/l metfediac
how do U write "pen G"?
s/l *pelvic-son-wall* any suggestions? thanks
central pain syndrome word help - sm
Lumbar flexion reduced with Schober's test of 13 over 10 (13/10). Is this correct?
she was able to run normally with only a minimal external **whip**?
Pt has positive *Brownwald* sign because she clenches her chest over her precordium.
for discharge medications 1. S/L influence of Exeion? before leaving, please sm
Not sure which spelling to go with: He was sporting a *van dyke* beard. When I
Ortho term, ESL dictator. Please help if u can. Thank u!
"Saugus tenaculum" - in hysteroscopy. Same doc says it all the time. nm
s/l flex line indicative of a Lisfranc avulsion
s/l gayshun state. The patient has Parkinson disease and is noted to have
Placing a *kelley* on bleeding wound - see inside
knee exam
This is a 4-year-old with Noonan syndrome, hypoplastic right heart tricuspid atresia,
s/l benzoquin gel for acne?
neck exam
patient with heart failure, diabetes and COPD. drug s/l ibutropion inhaler?
S/L 2 tabs slash
S/L "but then make it a B12 level"
assesment sp knee surgery
He has about half an hour of morning stiffness. He felt better with the "amira"
Ristricted shoulder movement consistent with adhesive capsulitis and s/l fossific
Video clips of gait disorders. To see "circumduction" ("whip"), click on hemiplegic
Med list help. Patient with osteoarthritis, probable rheumatoid arthritis, and pain.
One more and I'm done with this sleepy doc. sm
s/l hypo-derm-at-a scler-a-derm-a-form-is
s/l repeat another set prior to a visit with me in three months.
Uploaded MP3. ESL doctor.
X-rays supposed to be capital X or lowercase x? I've seen both ways, which is right?
xxx is an 18-year-old girl with osteogenic sarcoma. She is recovering ...
medication s/l glimepizide. I'm familiar with glimepiride, and - sm
If you can get this one, you are an Einstein! The guy has a BAD accent and the s/l
Patient in with rotator cuff tear and says I think "AC shear" does that make sense>
How can you tell if they are saying theragran M or theragram?
She is a homemaker by trade. She was a s/l AWACK during the second world war in the
Drug s/l Asimax? (sm) Thank you!
sentence help
barium tablet scan (?) impacted in thoracic esophagus stricture.
MP3 loaded. Please sm
is it on or in
MP3 loaded. Please sm
pls help with wav
not really medical, just a punctuation question if someone could pls hlp
please sm
s/l s/l ma-gut-for
wav again pls
would this be bridging callus or bridge AND callus? see message
refer to wav....SM
newbie here.... question on an echo report
the term his blood pressure measured at 138/80??
Breakfast might be Special K or some type of cereal or s/l trice 51 with some bran in
What he found in all of his studies: he became very, very
s/l "ret-ner" ..pls SM
drug. I looked at the Rx list alphabetically and I found nothing for Imbral?? Do you
when they say 25 mikes per hour...they mean mcg, right??
s/l "furocet"??? drug for migraine ...
wav posted
s/l egAW-fun-ee (egophany/ecophony??) sm
wav file pls
Hi! How would I type..... Back on Track......? I never heard of it before.
thanks! ...
pls help
grammar check
Competency Restoration Report s/l (an F4 and 2 M2s)
mucus plug or mucous plug?
FANA??? please sm
nasal splint line?
s/l INCA levels.
which is correct midshin or mid shin??? Thanks!! ...
pls see
Oncology experts??
Diagnosis - *pen i ca* vasculitis.
Does anyone else have problem with board being very slow to update?