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billybob:  American Association for Medical Transcription. Sep 20 2004 15:03
AAMT Forums
billybob:  new addition to the site was opened in March 2004. Sep 20 2004 15:06
AAMT Online Chapter
billybob:  this was recently set up as an alternative to local chapters. Sep 20 2004 15:08
Acronym Finder
billybob:  altenative to MediLexicon is useful for non-medical acronyms. Sep 20 2004 15:28
cow:  Nov 29 2004 20:52
1968:  COPD Jan 25 2006 21:10
Administrators in Medicine
billybob:  DocFinder searches Sep 26 2004 16:29
billybob:  this is a huge forum with almost 900,000 posts archived. Archives can be searched to document slang terms, etc., which may be hard to find anywhere else. Sep 20 2004 13:27
billybob:  alternative search engine Sep 20 2004 14:58
Alta Vista
billybob:  alternative search engine. Sep 20 2004 15:30
AMA Online Doctor Finder
billybob:  clik on "Search for a Physician," click on "Accept," click on "Physician Name," type name and state (and check "sound-like" box if spelling is doubtful), and you'll find the information you need about half the time. Sep 20 2004 15:25
amorphous focus of
1364:  Nov 16 2005 09:41
Antiques and Collectibles
billybob:  cross-linked site is moving to Around the House, old board left open for browsing. Sep 28 2004 16:11
Armchair Critics
billybob:  cross-linked ProBoards forum discussing TV and movies. Sep 28 2004 16:02
billybob:  moving to new threaded board although old URL is still open. Oct 17 2004 08:19
Around the House
billybob:  cross-linked ProBoard forum combines previous Household Hints and Antiques and Collectibles boards and more. Sep 28 2004 16:06
Baby Boomers
billybob:  cross-linked site Oct 3 2004 20:44
Backup Word Board
billybob:  Backup Word Board ( for emergency use. Sep 28 2004 01:34
Basic Rules of Medical Transcription
helper:  Just like it says. Not totally in step with the AAMT BOS, but still helpful for a lot of the basics. Oct 6 2006 02:57
Brians' Errors
helper:  Great site about common errors in English (and over-corrected non-errors too) Jul 21 2005 02:23
1880:  Apr 4 2005 21:36
Common Errors in English
billybob:  grammar and usage cheat sheet is useful to document and explain answers to common questions. Sep 20 2004 15:33
Da Nose
billybob:  confusing but amusing cyberspoof, including "MTSuns." Sep 20 2004 15:46
Dangerous Abbreviations list
courtesy AnnaD:  List of dangerous abbreviations, based on JCAHO and ISMP (plus other?) recommendations May 18 2005 02:52
1788:  Oct 5 2004 07:03
Depression Board
billybob:  cross-linked site. Oct 3 2004 20:47
billybob:  I think you can get the same information from OneLook. Sep 26 2004 15:25
Diet and Weight Loss
billybob:  MT Central-linked board Oct 3 2004 20:49
Doctor database search
jen:  The Doctor DB Mar 15 2006 06:40
Doctor Directory
billybob:  alternative doctor finder is shut down: "New Improved Directory Site Coming Soon!" Sep 20 2004 15:53
Don't Weight
billybob:  MT Breakroom board Oct 3 2004 20:50
Dr. Doolittle's Menagerie
billybob:  cross-linked board Oct 3 2004 20:54
billybob:  doctor search engine Jun 24 2005 13:49
a helper:  Drug site where you can put in any 3 consecutive letters and get great results Jan 13 2005 09:46
EKG information
Vicki:  EKG information: This site has a lot of great information regarding EKG's. Nov 9 2004 15:37
Electronic Orange Book
billybob:  FDA searchable list of approved drugs Sep 28 2004 01:39
billybob:  "satire and parody" with reviews of other MT sites. Sep 20 2004 12:09
English Grammar
helper:  English grammar geared towards ESL learners, but helpful for any and all who need a brush-up. Oct 6 2006 02:55
FDA Orange Book
billybob:  FDA searchable list of prescription drugs by brand name and ingredients. Sep 20 2004 16:19
ASPIRIN:  Jan 25 2006 21:10
billybob:  courtesy link to the company indexing this site. Sep 20 2004 15:58
Fussy Family
billybob:  cross-linked board Oct 3 2004 20:55
billybob:  alternative search engine; "Giga Bits" feature looks useful. Sep 20 2004 16:23
billybob:  click on "GNS Search," chose a country, type placename in "Name" ans select "County Code," click "Search Database," and wait forever. In a separate window, you'll get a list of place names meeting your criteria. The database is unimaginably large (1092 places in China starting with "YIN")... Sep 20 2004 16:11
billybob (continued):  and bizarrely incomplete (no listing of Jerusalem in Israel) but this may be the most thorough and accurate listing of foriegn place names available. This is a US military site, unlike USGS list of American place names. Sep 20 2004 16:17
billybob:  Google search engine. Sep 20 2004 11:52
Google News
billybob:  not MT-related, of course Sep 20 2004 16:24
Grammar Slammer
billybob:  style guide. Sep 20 2004 16:25
Hazel Tank's Word Lists
billybob:  several useful lists of problem words. Sep 20 2004 16:41
1103:  Nov 16 2005 16:17
Hospital Soup
billybob:  hospital name lookup is a little slow navigating. Sep 20 2004 16:43
chicago:  Jun 22 2005 13:31
billybob:  alternative search engine. Sep 20 2004 16:43
1885:  Mar 14 2006 11:22
Instant Text Main Forum
billybob:  Instant Text Main Forum Sep 20 2004 16:46
Just Funderin'
billybob:  cross-linked board Oct 3 2004 20:52
KAMTLIST=Keeping Abreast of Medical Transcription
billybob:  Yahoo group accessible to members only. Sep 20 2004 16:49
billybob:  you might want to click not to receive e-mail to avoid some spam. Oct 29 2004 13:11
Vicki:  Krames is a company that makes all kinds of patient brochures/pamphlets/booklets-Many doctors/hospitals/clinics pass out these brochures to patients. Mar 4 2006 15:03
billybob:  long list of lab tests (alphabetical list is no longer accessible) and links to too much information about each one. Sep 20 2004 16:52
billybob:  oops-wrong URL Sep 20 2004 16:55
billybob:  long list of lab tests (alphabetical list is no longer accessible) and links to too much information about each one. Sep 20 2004 16:54
Links, Links, and More Links
billybob:  exhaustive list of medical and MT-related links. Sep 20 2004 16:58
Links Lost 'n Found!
billybob:  Links Lost 'n Found! Oct 17 2004 08:21
Van Hai: Jun 18 2005 09:37
long tract sign
1987:  Mar 23 2005 16:45
M-TEC Message Forum
billybob:  run by a school, this seems like a major site; why haven't I heard of it before? Sep 26 2004 16:09
Maternity Corner
billybob:  cross-linked board Oct 3 2004 21:07
Medical Device Approvals
billybob:  FDA list. Sep 20 2004 17:03
Medical Transcription Online Training
billybob:  Medical Transcription Online Training Sep 20 2004 17:08
billybob:  "dictionary of over 200,000 medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms" usually produces more results than you want. Sep 26 2004 17:54
billybob:  corrected URL Sep 26 2004 18:33
billybob:  government site seems to have a ton of medical information. Sep 26 2004 22:13
MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary
billybob:  this is actually Merriam-Webser Medical Dictionary, without the ads. Sep 28 2004 01:59
billybob:  Yahoo group accessible to members only. Sep 20 2004 17:14
Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
billybob:  results are not part of OneLook database. Sep 26 2004 21:30
aphasic:  Mar 2 2005 09:09
MRI information
Vicki:  This is a great site having to do with everything MRI. LOTS of good info. Nov 14 2005 03:09
MS Word for Medical Transcription
billybob:  MS Word for Medical Transcription Sep 26 2004 15:32
MSN Search (beta)
billybob:  alternative search engine Nov 11 2004 16:03
MT Birthdays
billybob:  MT Birthdays Oct 3 2004 21:06
MT Board Classifieds
billybob:  Jay's MT Board Classifieds appears inactive, but it's open and he says you're welcome to post there. Sep 26 2004 15:33
MT Board Politics Forum
billybob:  cross-linked board, aka Conservative Board Oct 3 2004 21:08
MT Breakroom Main Board
billybob:  MT Breakroom has a busy main board for general discussion, maybe 300 posts per day, plus (presently) 28 subboards on more specific subjects. Main board usually focuses less on transcription and more on general discussion. Sep 20 2004 12:05
billybob:  new address. Nov 29 2004 19:56
MT Central
billybob:  cross-linked board. Oct 3 2004 21:04
MT Chat
billybob:  forums of MT Desk. Registration is required to post. Sep 26 2004 15:44
MT Companies
billybob:  MT Breakroom board Oct 3 2004 21:02
MT Companies
billybob:  MT Companies (MT Central-linked) Board Oct 6 2004 07:26
MT Cottage
Rennie:  MT Cottage Oct 6 2005 09:17
MT Cyber Health Spa
billybob:  "Where MTs discuss "alternative" care for various health problems." Oct 7 2004 15:51
MT Daily
billybob:  "the medical transcription profession's busiest online community" is alas now only available to subscribers ($48 per year). Sep 26 2004 15:52
MT Daily Main Word Board
billybob:  MT Daily Main Word Board (if you are a subscriber) Sep 26 2004 16:02
MT Desk
billybob:  "MT Desk: the essential resource for medical transcriptionists everywhere." Sep 26 2004 15:46
MT Downloads
billybob:  Site offering free downloads, new in January 2006. Jan 11 2006 13:41
MT Exchange
billybob:  board linked to Da Nose. Nov 9 2004 20:24
MT Freebies
billybob:  Mar 18 2005 20:16
billybob:  "Freebies, bargains & deals" Mar 18 2005 20:18
MT Freebies
xyz:  MT Freebies - Free samples, online bargains, and whatever else I can find. Apr 15 2005 05:52
xyz:  Sorry, billybob! I didn't see your posting. Apr 15 2005 05:53
MT Gab
billybob:  "MT Gab at Medword Medical Transcription" registration required to post. Sep 26 2004 16:24
MT Jobs
billybob:  affiliated with MT Daily. Sep 26 2004 16:31
MT Netizens
billybob:  Yahoo group accessible to members only. Sep 26 2004 16:33
MT Parody Songs
billybob:  temporarily shut down. Sep 26 2004 16:36
MT Photo Album
billybob:  I don't recognize the names of the administrators, but site links only to Productivity Talk. Sep 26 2004 16:43
MT Resources
billybob:  a few sample reports on WAV files, some sample reports and links. Sep 26 2004 17:43
MT Resourcez
billybob:  big collection of links, several search boxes and sample reports. Sep 26 2004 17:47
MT Spot
billybob:  MT Spot replaces MT Central, opened 10/8/04 Oct 9 2004 03:30
billybob:  corrected URL Oct 9 2004 03:33
billybob:  corrected URL again? Oct 9 2004 05:34
MT Stars
billybob:  self-described "open forum with a minimum of deletion" which has "grown to over 7,000 members and nearly 3 million hits per month" has trouble getting some people to take it seriously. Sep 26 2004 17:34
billybob:  cross-linked ProBoard forum includes some private company boards. Sep 28 2004 16:09
billybob:  Medical Transcription Advantage Career Center Sep 29 2004 14:38
MTbot Search Sample Operative Reports
billybob:  "search engine" for sample reports also indexes this site. Sep 26 2004 15:35
MTC Jobs Board
billybob:  MT Central Jobs Board new 10/5/04 Oct 6 2004 06:14
billybob:  now named MT Jobs (likely to cause confusion with MT Daily's Oct 17 2004 08:22
billybob:  new board, can't view without registering. Sep 26 2004 17:51
billybob:  ProBoards forum opened 9/28/04 Sep 29 2004 14:42
billybob:  MTtype just opened 9/27/2004 Sep 28 2004 15:47
billybob:  "Welcome to #MTville's home on the Web! MTville is an IRC channel on Undernet. Our group is made up of MTs (medical transcriptionists), MT students, and others interested in the profession. We were founded in March of 2005. Mar 20 2005 17:03
My Way - News
billybob:  alternative to Google News. Sep 26 2004 22:17
Natural Mediines Comprehensive Database
billybob:  "The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database gives you information on far more natural medicine brand name products and ingredients than any other source." This is the index, other information is by subscription. Nov 10 2004 01:47
NCIH UPIN doctor finder
billybob:  quickest doctor finder I've seen. Nov 24 2005 12:34
NMTC New Medical Transcriptionist Connection
billybob:  Yahoo group requires registration to view. Sep 26 2004 22:25
1489:  Apr 6 2006 10:58
Normal Lab Values
billybob:  Normal Lab Values Sep 26 2004 22:36
billybob:  OneLook portal to several on-line dictionaries. Sep 20 2004 11:52
Pedal to the Metal
billybob:  new ProBoards forum. Sep 27 2004 23:14
billybob:  cross-linked board, aka Liberal Board Oct 3 2004 20:57
Productivity Talk
billybob:  forum discussing abbreviations/expanders Sep 26 2004 16:54
Rare Diseases index
a helper:  Alphabetical database of rare diseases Jul 26 2005 20:02
Rennie (Welcome to Rennie's Home Page!)
billybob:  Rennie (Welcome to Rennie's Home Page!) Sep 27 2004 23:21
Resources for MT Students
billybob:  "This website began as a list of all of the resources that Career Step and Canscribe students and graduates shared with each other in the CS forum. The site has now expanded to include the URLs for resources that MT students and working MTs from many places send to me through email." Mar 23 2005 08:46
billybob:  users have had a love/hate relationship with "fuzzy" searches and imprecise spelling. A search for "Phillips' Milk of Magnesia" produces first match of PLAVIX, fourth match of PHILLIPS MOM. Sep 27 2004 23:29
billybob:  unmonitored usenet group forum has been around for 10 years. This Google link provides access to latest threads (3000 of 195,000). Sep 28 2004 00:26
billybob:  new portal site. Sep 28 2004 00:40
Search the FDA Website
billybob:  search box to all documents of FDA. Sep 28 2004 00:41
Spiritualty Board
billybob:  cross-linked ProBoards forum. Sep 28 2004 16:00
Stedman's Medical Dictionary
billybob:  Online medical dictionary is no longer accessible through OneLook. Sep 26 2004 22:09
Stew Pot
billybob:  cross-linked board Oct 3 2004 20:59
surgical equipment
1813:  website Mar 24 2006 23:25
Surgical instrument site
Vicki:  Site to find all kinds of surgical instruments/names Feb 19 2006 13:50
Taber's Online
billybob:  requires $30 annual subscription Sep 27 2004 02:01
billybob:  alternative search engine. Sep 28 2004 00:42 - places
billybob:  searchable list of almost 50,000 place names (link is sample search for names starting with Z). Sep 28 2004 01:44
Ticked Off
billybob:  MT Central flavor of Sceam N Shout Oct 6 2004 06:17
Ticked Off
billybob:  Ticked Off (new 10/04/04) Oct 17 2004 08:24
Transcriptionist Networking BBS
billybob:  Transcriptionist Networking BBS. Sep 28 2004 00:45
Transcription Matchmaker
billybob:  "The First Recruiting Service to Focus on Medical Transcription" Oct 17 2004 08:13
Transcription Resources
billybob:  contains company directory which looks useful Oct 17 2004 08:18
Tripichik's MT Productivity Forum
billybob:  Tripichik's MT Productivity Forum on proboards. Sep 28 2004 00:47
1316:  Mar 4 2006 04:39
US Patent and Trademark Office
billybob:  to navigate, click on "SEARCH trademarks" (top link, middle), click on "New User Form Search (Basic)" (top link); enter "Search Term:" and click "Submit Query," when finished click on "Logout." This is a searchable database of all US trademarks registered or applied for. Search engines can't access. Sep 28 2004 00:58
USGPO Style Manual
billybob:  US Government Printing Office Style Manual may provide help with style and grammar questions. Sep 28 2004 00:49
USGS FIPS55 download
billybob:  browse or download lists of place names of all states. Sep 26 2004 15:20
billybob:  corrected URL, ignore the first one. Sep 26 2004 18:13
USGS FIPS55 query form
billybob:  USGS FIPS55 (Federal Information Processing Standards) query form is a different list than GNIS; I'm not sure what the significance of the differences is. Sep 26 2004 15:19
USGS GNIS query form
billybob:  USGS GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) query form to search database for place names. This is the official list US government list of place names. Sep 26 2004 15:18
billybob:  corrected URL Sep 27 2004 00:42
USPO - ZIP Code Lookup
billybob:  look up by city, by company, by address, by ZIP code Sep 26 2004 13:42
billybob:  " -- The Online Magazine for Work-at-Home Moms" Oct 1 2004 11:29
WebMD Physician Directory
billybob:  alternative doctor finder. Sep 20 2004 15:56
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
billybob:  This site produces useful information often in Google searches; I haven't tried navigating the site directly. Sep 28 2004 01:12
Who Named It?
helper:  Helpful and fascinating eponym site. And definitely do a search for 'leo gordon' for some rather "interesting" entries. ;) May 21 2005 16:50
Word Board
billybob:  medical transcription word board Sep 28 2004 01:32
WordPerfect for Medical Transcription
billybob:  WordPerfect for Medical Transcription forum Sep 28 2004 01:08
Yes 2 MLS
billybob:  Jay Vance forum discussing renaming transcriptionists to "Medical Language Specialists" seems to have a pretty limited range of discussion. Sep 20 2004 12:30
billybob:  medical device industry portal Dec 30 2004 21:06
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