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Speed talker and need help with 2 blanks - nerve root decompression - Dee
Fri Jan 29 09:54:28 2021
I went ahead and transected the left L2-L3 inferior articular process and skeletonized around the left L3 pedicle. This allowed me then to undercut the L1-L2 recess and allowed the foramen _____ the L2 nerve root freely exiting bilaterally, undercut the L2-L3 recess and allowed the foramen _____ the L3 nerve root freely exiting bilaterally. At this point, I was satisfied with the decompression.

** • And what does this blank sound like to you, Dee? - mary
Fri Jan 29 11:30:01 2021 mary

**** • He's so fast i can't tell if he is saying with palpation in it, not sure. - dee
Fri Jan 29 13:44:44 2021 dee





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