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Thu Apr 20 12:36:03 2017
is a 69-year-old male patient with the history of lymphoma, chronic kidney disease, obstructive nephropathy status post bilateral nephrostomy tubes and heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction, comes in with shortness of breath and palpitations and will undergo ICD placement.

1. Acute kidney injury, mild, likely related to cardiorenal syndrome.
2. Chronic kidney disease stage 4/5 with a baseline serum creatinine of 6.0 mg/dL due to diabetic nephropathy. Will need to verify with Dr. Rosenberg.
3. Mild hyperkalemia due to ____.
4. Non-anion gap metabolic acidosis mild.
5. Anemia of chronic disease.
6. Clinically hypovolemic.

1. _____ 30 grams p.o. x1.
2. Low potassium diet.
3. Agree with Lasix 40 mg IV daily.
4. Will check PTH, phosphorous ____, vitamin E.
5. Will check iron studies.
6. No objection for ICD placement from a renal standpoint.
7. Avoid NSAIDs and nephrotoxins as able.
8. Avoid RAS inhibitors.
9. Renal dosing of medications to a creatinine clearance of 10-15 mL per minute.

** • #1 Kayexalate #2 is 25-hydroxyvitamin (D?) (sounds like "E" but should be "D") + taco (sm)
Thu Apr 20 12:39:27 2017 taco (sm)
I also hear "zero-potassium diet"
**** • ty - 1
Thu Apr 20 12:56:32 2017 1





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