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shortness of breath ______ onset of gradual progressive - wav
Thu Apr 20 12:06:30 2017
This is a 69-year-old male patient with the history of anemia, given formal diagnosis 40 years ago, obstructive nephropathy, status post bilateral nephrostomy tubes, diabetes mellitus for 40 years, chronic kidney disease, GERD, heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction, who presents to the hospital with shortness of breath and palpitations for about one month. He said that he noticed worsening shortness of breath ______ onset of gradual progressive course, worse with exertion. He was also being scheduled for an EPS study. He was found to have an elevated serum creatinine and hyperkalemia.

** • That's what I hear too - CO MT
Thu Apr 20 12:13:08 2017 CO MT

** • that had an insidious (I think) - Questyr
Thu Apr 20 12:12:30 2017 Questyr

**** • thank you - !
Thu Apr 20 12:23:14 2017 !





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