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s/l "eye spy" was utilized - sm
Mon Jan 25 07:19:20 2021
_____ was utilized and at this point in time the frank line of demarcation was appreciated. The skin flap overlying the medial aspect of the lower extremity was found to be black. No perfusion was noted. Therefore, at this point in time, thorough excision of all of the devitalized skin, subcutaneous tissue, underlying muscle, and fascia were thoroughly debrided in preparation for staged split-thickness skin graft.

Utilization of intraoperative _____/fluorescence mapping for monitoring of soft tissue viability.

** • Found a lot of info on SPY fluorescence imaging, not sure about the "eye" part - sea
Mon Jan 25 09:04:39 2021 sea

**** • Me too. - thanks!
Mon Jan 25 10:38:58 2021 thanks!





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