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sutured to the _____ pubic tubercle - wav
Fri Feb 17 07:30:44 2017
. I then proceeded to open a Versatex 6 cm x 11 cm mesh. The mesh was soaked in antibiotic solution. The mesh was cut, so that it measured 1 cm x 4 inches. The mesh was sutured to the _____ pubic tubercle with #0 Ethibond stitch. That stitch was continued suturing left laterally to the inguinal ligament.

** • changed last sentence: continued suturing _____laterally to the inguinal ligame - left isn't correct
Fri Feb 17 07:32:14 2017 left isn't correct

**** • got this one: to the rest laterally, flagging the other - ty
Fri Feb 17 08:07:21 2017 ty





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