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??? friable mass - abcdefg
Thu Oct 11 12:33:59 2018
patient with in his groin near the elastic band of his jockey shorts. This oozes on occasion. Doc dictates: on examination he appears to have a s/l "much-friable" mass. question: that doesn't make sense to me, so I'm thinking is he saying multi-friable?? is there anything else that wold fit the bill? thank you.

** • Listen for "large friable mass." Multi-friable doesn't fly. (Nor does much friable.) - nm
Thu Oct 11 18:13:35 2018 nm

** • I would not use "much friable" - fwiw-poi
Thu Oct 11 17:40:56 2018 fwiw-poi

** • much friable sounds fine to me - sea
Thu Oct 11 14:17:13 2018 sea

** • Based on Merriam Webster definition which includes: "great + Questyr
Thu Oct 11 13:43:18 2018 Questyr
in quantity, amount, extent or degree" it makes sense to me. If you hear it, I would use it. IMO
**** • : / -
Thu Oct 11 18:17:02 2018

** • I don't think multi-friable either. Much friable may be like saying very friable? - k d i e m n
Thu Oct 11 13:27:32 2018 k d i e m n

**** • thank you - he also notes that it could be..pls sm + abcdefg
Thu Oct 11 14:24:14 2018 abcdefg
a seborrheic keratosis -- would that be a much friable mass?
****** • friable means "easily crumbled" . Here are pictures (see link) of + Questyr
Thu Oct 11 15:17:57 2018 Questyr
what seborrheic keratosis can look like.....and I could certainly see friable.....and much possibilities within the range of the condition.
******** • might he be saying "mostly friable"? - mn
Thu Oct 11 15:43:56 2018 mn

********** • Let me clarify my reasoning .... I'm understanding you 'heard' the + Q
Thu Oct 11 18:27:27 2018 Q
word 'much' and didn't think it made sense. Based on the definition, it does make medical sense (though I don't personally like the way he phrases it). On the other hand, I realize we are currently in the world of 'verbatim' so I try to lean toward that side if the medical meaning is not compromised. As regards 'mostly' too is a legitimate descriptor ..... it's just I would need to hear the clip before making a recommendation. Sorry I can't be more helpful.




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