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Is nucleogram a word? - Tx for the help
Mon Sep 21 14:49:28 2009
I did check google, word search, and one word, but didn't get positive results. Just looking for a little more help.
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** • no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the word nucleogram. + no context
Mon Sep 21 14:53:23 2009 no context
But you gave no context???
**** • Oh, shoot, was gonna cut and paste and forgot! + Here is the context!
Mon Sep 21 14:58:51 2009 Here is the context!
Her lumbar discography was difficult to interpret in that she had, based on the nucleograms, a normal nucleogram at L2-3 and L3-4, a grade IV, possible V, interpretation on the nucleogram during the discography at L4-5 towards the left, and degenerative disc at L5-S1.
****** • link nucleogram - .
Mon Sep 21 16:59:49 2009 .
****** • okay, I'm finding it strictly in use for discograms. s/m + nm
Mon Sep 21 15:02:37 2009 nm
Discography was performed on 110 discs in 39 patients. 28% had abnormal nucleograms, and 22% had a positive discogram (abnormal nucleogram, ... - Cached - Similar

If the needle is not properly centered, an annulogram rather than a nucleogram (discogram) may result and may yield a faulty interpretation (i.e., ...

Using Image-Guided Techniques for Chronic Low Back Pain ...
Sachs et al24 developed the Dallas diskogram scale, which grades disruption of the annulus on a four-point scale. A normal nucleogram, one in which contrast ... - Similar

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