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periaortic vs para-aortic (sm please) - seth
Sun Jul 8 02:31:33 2007
There is mild lymphadenopathy which is **(periaortic or para-aortic)**. There is mild intrahepatic and extrahepatic ductal dilatation.
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** • paraaortic seems favored by Stedman's Oncology Words although + p e k m j a
Sun Jul 8 08:02:16 2007 p e k m j a
periaortic lymph node is also listed.

lymph node
node sampling

lymph node
mediastinal hematoma
** • RE: periaortic vs para-aortic ..AAMT BoS 2nd Ed page 304 + Q
Sun Jul 8 06:07:30 2007 Q
Too long to quote the entire entry, but states in the last paragraph specifically regarding lymph nodes that.."Adjectives denoting anatomic planes or lines and those referring to incisions generally begain with para- (parasagittal, paramedian). In official anatomic terminology, adjectives referring to lymph nodes begin with para- rather than peri (parasternal, paratracheal). (Exception: pericardial lymph nodes, where the adjective means "draining the pericardium" rather than "around the heart." Based on that, I would use para-aortic...Questyr

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