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s/l peridorsal????
Sun Jun 3, 2007 20:18

He momentarily lost his balance and twisted his back, and he was having more back pain, primarily the lower back, but also extending into the upper peridorsal area as well.

upper paravertebral area=prob what is in doc's head. SM
Sun Jun 3, 2007 20:21

I would not be willing to change what doc said, though, into what I think was in his head. I'd flag it.

Agree w/Mgt. Paravertebral. (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 20:23

under back: sm
thanks. I'll type as is. Same doc. Look what he dictates
Sun Jun 3, 2007 20:24

BACK: Reveals no specific point tenderness on the dorsal or lumbosacral spine. He complains of some discomfort with movement in the paralumbar muscle areas as well as in the lower paradorsal muscle areas as well.

paralumbar and paradorsal. !!!!!!

He likes that para- prefix, dun't he? (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 20:33

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