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S/L *McDomus* degeneration
Sun Jun 3, 2007 16:18

Echocardiogram revealed severe mitral regurgitation with ___ degeneration, mitral valve and biatrial enlargement.

eration (of) mitral valve, & biatrial E. Margaret
???severe mitral regurgitation with mitral prolapse, degen- (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 16:22

with myxomatous degeneration THANKS
I found this and I think he is trying to say it. (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 17:11

(thanks! makes very good sense, fits better than prolapse) (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 17:28

myxomatous degeneration, OP discovered (for archives) (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 17:48

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