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s/l la-tauf-any - sm
Sun Jun 3, 2007 13:47

He also describes symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus in his right ear and some exacerbation of symptoms with loud sounds prior to this. He does notice that his symptoms are worse with straining, but he does not have any symptoms of s/l la-tauf-any.

Thank you.

just wild guesses
echophony? laryngophony? (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 13:57

I don't hear that - thanks anyway (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 13:59

possibililties. Margaret
maybe autophony? You can enter *ophony into OneLook for (nm)
Sun Jun 3, 2007 14:20

better yet, reduce possibilities by entering *tophony. SM
Sun Jun 3, 2007 14:22

2. photophony
3. pneumatophony
4. tautophony

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