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ESL talking about swimming
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:11

He was instructed to add the butterfly style later on, after he could perform pain-free <s/l enter-all> and freestyle.

any ideas?

underwater? (nm)
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:14

maybe something here will help
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:19

thanks for the site! (nm)
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:22

pain (is what he essentially saying) SM
add butterfly style after he can performe freestyle without
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:38

or maybe he is saying perform pain-free breast stroke and freestyle. (though the "all" part of your s/l leads me to believe it is "style").

thanks for your suggestions...
Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:43

it just wasn't clear enough to pin it down to any one thing. I just flagged it and sent it on.

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