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s/l quads and pects are positive for radiculopathy. nm
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:04


I think he now might be saying "quadrant tests" ? nm
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:06


hits on Google... (sm)
This is new to me, but I'm finding some
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:10

Not that many, but maybe they seem valid? Check out:

Thanks for the support!! nm
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:11


Oh, but a lot more when I google this way
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:11

(Just like he abbrediate quadriceps.) nm
pecs could be an abbrevication for pectoral muscles. (nm)
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:12

occur there. (sm)
But definition of radiculopathy means it wouldn't
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:15

Per Stedman's: Radiculopathy: Disorder of the spinal nerve root

You usually hear radiculopathy of L3, for example

Don't forget about the spinal nerve roots sm
Mon Mar 12, 2007 22:35

coming from the neck!

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