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cardiac cath
Mon Oct 13, 2003 20:57

The right coronary was large and codominant with an 80% stenosis at the bend in the proximal to middle segment after a s/l "separance quick" takeoff. Any idea??

the witch
the septal peforator (arteries) come off the RCA - sm
Mon Oct 13, 2003 21:14

maybe that's in there somewhere?

Having trouble thinking quickly, but sm
Mon Oct 13, 2003 21:14

email me if you'd like me to take a listen. I'm home now but so far not working (and probably won't be).

Woohoo!! You're a lifesaver!! I'm emailing! =o) (nm)
Mon Oct 13, 2003 21:16

Thank you! It was shepard's crook takeoff. (nm)
Tue Oct 14, 2003 00:14

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