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regarding straight leg raising
Sun Sep 18, 2005 21:38

Knee and ankle jerks are intact. Straight leg raising is negative. S/L*The right* yields back pain only on the left. Strength is intact in dorsiflexion of the feet.

does this make sense?

pain only on the left?
Straight leg raising is negative on the right, yields back
Sun Sep 18, 2005 22:27


Think they may ding ya' if you don't put (sm)
Sun Sep 18, 2005 22:39

straight-leg-raising; or at least some QA people go nuts over hyphens on words like that.

my opinion: You should get dinged if you put it like THAT (nm)
Sun Sep 18, 2005 22:42

anything so wonder why the hyphens?
I've never seen it like that either. It's not modifying (nm)
Sun Sep 18, 2005 22:50

BOS shows straight leg
While English grammar calls for straight-leg raising, AAMT
Sun Sep 18, 2005 22:55

If you get ding'ed (dinged ?) you have backup either way... ;~ ) Questyr

2 (could "possibly" see straight-leg tho)
none of the Stedman books have ANY hyphens. Definitely not (nm
Sun Sep 18, 2005 23:00

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