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night, would it?
it wouldn't be possible for a pt to receive 202 PRBCs over (nm)
Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:24

Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:25

anything about PRBCs.... I realize it is too much,
that was an interesting article (seriously) but didn't find (nm)
Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:40

Probably because I sent you the wrong one. Sorry. SM
Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:44

I think this was the link I meant to send you. I'm so sorry. My mind's not working today.

and here's another.
Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:45

remember what I was looking for, lol
ty so much, lol...i got so into the other article I couldnt (nm)
Sat Sep 3, 2005 19:50

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