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preceding viral infection to Helicobacter pylori, Right?
Thu Sep 1, 2005 16:30

For the past few months, patient noted some heavy breathing rather than shortness of breath after walking long distances. There was no preceding viral infection to "H P". Patient has minimal sputum. Chest x-ray was done in May that was normal and because of this the patient was referred here for evaluation. The patient has no cardiac history.

think for a minute as to what HP is..nm.Q
No. Helicobacter pylori is what causes GI ulcers..Let me
Thu Sep 1, 2005 16:33


concerned about the word "to"..nm..Q
HP mght be Haemophilus pneumoniae..but I am
Thu Sep 1, 2005 16:34


expand it....nm...Q
Actually, there are other HP possibilities. I would NOT
Thu Sep 1, 2005 16:36


There is no need to expand it if that is what was dictated.
Thu Sep 1, 2005 16:50

If you to to the medlexicon (or whatever the heck that is called) up top and plug in HP, you get a list as long as your leg. My policy is if they dictate an abbreviation and it could be more than one thing, and you have no way of knowing which it is from the text, leave it as an abbreviation rather than take a chance of expanding it and getting the wrong thing.

to add to confusion, my take is might be HPI, rather "PI, (nm)
Thu Sep 1, 2005 17:54

prior to PI." NM Mgt
(sry, mistakenly hit enter), & meaning is "no viral inf. (nm)
Thu Sep 1, 2005 17:56

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