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pls help w/the rest
Axillary nerve distribution is intact to light touch, sm
Thu Sep 1, 2005 14:25

... as well as **inter-distal-han of the radial, median and ulnar nerve distribution.**

NM Margaret
possibly "in the distal end of the r, m, & u nerve distn?" (nm)
Thu Sep 1, 2005 14:28

of the radial, etc. Hispanic accent. Tx for tryin
hm.. sounds more like "inter-a-distal-han" (nm)
Thu Sep 1, 2005 14:30

?? "inter(mediate, understood) and distal end..."? NM (nm)
Thu Sep 1, 2005 14:31

pls see msg
Patient had shoulder arthroscopy
Thu Sep 1, 2005 14:35

Here's the context:

The patient has +1 swelling of the right shoulder, portal incisions with sutures in place. No signs of infection present. Axillary nerve distribution is intact to light touch as well as S/L "into the distal hand" of the radial, medial and ulnar nerve distribution.

Does "into the distal hand" make sense here? Sounds like he's saying that. Cannot hear "end," distinctly hear the "h" sound as in "hand." Thanks for helping!

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