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K&P catheter? KMP catheter? KNP catheter? sm
Thu Feb 5, 2004 12:48

I'm finding none of these. The procedure is an "endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm using a bifurcated cook graft with bilateral iliac extensions."

This thing is mentioned many times, but here's context for you:

"We did place also in a similar fashion a wire and a 7-French sheath on the left side. The pigtail was moved to that side and then we exchanged the Glidewire over a **K&P** catheter. We exchanged it with a **mandecore** super-stiff wire, which drained up the iliac to us. The iliacs were very tortuous bilaterally."

Thanks for reading this!!

Found Kumpe catheter in Sted's Equip?? (nm)
Thu Feb 5, 2004 13:19

I've been trying to find the wire, but
Thu Feb 5, 2004 13:27

all I can find are spark plug wires, but they are super tough! :) Sorry.

LOL!! Thanks for the giggle!! :-) (nm)
Thu Feb 5, 2004 13:37

definitely it, looking it up to see how it is used
Thanks! I was stupidly looking in my Cardio book! That's
Thu Feb 5, 2004 13:43


Sometimes the Cardio book is more useful but you never know! (nm
Thu Feb 5, 2004 13:48

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